Monday, February 4, 2013


Happy Monday!
...or not-so-happy Monday. I know Mondays can seem to go on forever, but it'll be Tuesday then HUMP day then Thursday and finally friday before you know it! Mondays and Tuesdays are spent getting my work together for the rest of the week, but lately I've been such a lazy bum! I have an entire "dress" group due Thursday and a couple patterns, sized from 6-16 due Wednesday. Now, my normal routine is to do a bit of work monday and then cram all day Tuesday. It's not pretty and it can't be good for my stress level. Oh well! 
Since I've been procrastinating with this post, I thought I'd share some of my lovely "I wants".
Check it out:

Isn't this wire, crescent moon from Gypsy Moon amazing?! They have some other fabulous pendents and trinkets to bring a smile to your face, but this one is my absolute favorite!

This tattoo makes me so happy! I have a little finger tattoo already, but it's on the inside of my index finger and only visible  when I feel like showing it off, but this little tattoo is so elegant but badass at the same time. Ugh... I want this so badly.

I want this tee so badly! Qwertee is such an awesome online shop. They only do limited edition tees and once they're gone, they're gone. So, be sure to keep up on their site for the latest and greatest snarky tees!

...and finally, I want to glitter my toilette seat. Don't judge! This is righteous! Can you imagine a gold, glittered toilette seat? My very own Throne room. Le sigh! Perhaps a DIY is in order?

Hope you all enjoyed my favorites on this lazy Monday! For more of my favorites, be sure to follow my Pinterest boards.


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