Monday, January 21, 2013

Mint & Mango

My house has been under going an extreme makeover, all thanks to my girl, Nicole Gemma @ Nicole Gemma Designs! (Her website is under construction, but if you'd like to get ahold of her, go ahead and contact me and I'll make sure there's a love connection)
She's pretty fabulous. I didn't want to spend a whole lotta dough on this place, because it's a rental, but I still wanted to take this diamond in the rough and give it a good polish.
 We started with the living room (I'll create a separate post) and continued our way through the house giving it some loving touches here and there. I'd like to point out that I have the tiniest kitchen EVER and yet, Nicole  managed to move some things around and create not only a larger space, but a better equipped kitchen.

Yes, I have a oven from the fifties. It's my favorite thing in this kitchen and I now can't live without it. Nicole created a little coffee nook for me, where everything needed for a cup of Joe, some Tea, or a Chai Latte is all conveniently located in one spot. 

You didn't need a picture of the trash, but my fridge was placed where the coffee nook is, blocking the back door. Nicole moved the Fridge to the opposite wall and when I say it changed the space... IT CHANGED THE SPACE.

She added hints of Mango to my outdated Mint tiles creating a hip color combination, that I am absolutely in love with. My Kitchen Aid Mixer is Mango, which was a happy mistake. When I registered for it, I requested a buttercup yellow version, but was pleasantly surprised when this one was delivered!

It's not a major, "knock down walls, re-paint, purchase appliances I can't afford" renovation, but it's what this little kitchen needed. Nicole is brilliant with creating spaces that are not only functional for everyday living, but also creating spaces that feel inviting and stylish. It doesn't take money to imagine a new space, just some creativity and willingness to change.

After Nicole finished the kitchen, she opened a small spice cabinet that I have never used and found all these neat bottles! I cleaned them out and placed them in my curiosities cabinet. They'll be perfect for dried flowers, mushrooms, and all the interesting things I collect.

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