Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY Coffee Filter Streamers!

Thinking of having a back-to-school party? Maybe you're planning a wedding or, perhaps you're just looking to spice up your room a bit :D Take a second to read over this super fun, super easy, and super fabulous DIY project.

What you'll need

A pair of scissors
A box of white Coffee filters (The frilly kind work best)
Your favorite color dye (You can pick up a pack of dye from any fabric/craft store)

 In a large pot (Lobster pots work great) mix together your Dye.
When your Dye mixture is all set and ready to go, put on a pair of stylish gloves (I use regular scrub-a-dub gloves) and carefully take your filters and dip them in the dye. The more you dip them, the more dye is soaked into the filters :D So, the concentration of color and contrast is totally up to you. I like to make them a bit splotchy and I only see half of the filters. The other half, I leave white for a bit of difference in design. After my filters have been dyed and dried. LOL. I start punching holes right in the middle of the filters. With the Twine, I string a couple of the filter on the line and crumple them up a bit for a more flowery feel. I like to knot off the ends of each filter pair, to give it a more staggered look with a good weight to it! This is SO easy and SO fun! I plan on doing this for my wedding and stringing them up with twinkling lights. It's going to be so pretty!

I made a little string of them for my kitchen. I have this hideous light over my craft table and, well, it needed a little something! Take a peek at my finished craft :D

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