Thursday, August 25, 2011

Riding the Bus

Good morning!

I'm on a bus. Mm hm. Riding the bus. Our public transportation system in Los Angeles, isn't the best, but if you gotta get from point A to point B, It'll get you there. Now, I ride the bus every morning. I tell people it's because I enjoy supporting public transportation, but it's really because I hate driving. I can't stand driving in Los Angeles. I swear, we breed the worse drivers.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. The bus. So... I go to an extremely fashionable school where everyone actually dresses up for class. My first day I think I actually snorted aloud as I watched these tall, gangly things in murder stilettos shuffle into class. When I went to college, which was, not so long ago, we all came to school in sweatpants and zero makeup. Ugh. Now I gotta get dressed in the morning just to stay up with my class? That means an hour earlier to rise and packing my heels with me on the bus. God knows, I'm not gonna get on the bus in my hooker heels.

I ask all of you, What is appropriate but fashionable bus wear? :D

Post your responses below for a good laugh!

Peace, Love, and Pixie Dust!
Whitney on the bus

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