Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mm. Vodka.

Have you ever made your own vodka infusion?

Well, if you enjoy flavored vodka, you should! My fiancé's cousin, the vodka enthusiast, infuses his own vodka! How cool is that?

He shared his not- so- secret, secret with me and now I'm going to share it with all of you. We're going to make cherry infused vodka :D because I love cherries.

Whatcha need:

-A bottle of your favorite vodka (I enjoy Stoli)

-Fresh cherries

-A mason jar


-a pretty bottle of your choice

Pour yourself a generous amount of vodka into a mason jar.

Add the cherries.

Let it sit for a week in a nice, room temperature, safe atmosphere. (I say safe, because I can bet you ten bucks, Keats and/or Shelley will knock it over in a matter of moments)

After it has juiced itself for some time, you'll notice the color has been completely drained from the cherries. That's good!

Filter out the cherries by pouring the infusion from the mason jar and into the pretty bottle.

Voila! You now have cherry vodka :D pour over some ice and ginger ale and you have yourself a delicious cocktail for a nice summer evening.

Peace, love, and Pixie infused vodka love!

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