Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get Frosted.

She's dangerous, she's fierce, she's frosty and she's mad as hell. She's Emma Frost.

Matthew, Myself, and a couple great friends went out to dinner and a movie on Sunday and had a BLAST! First of all, Rock Sugar in the Century City shopping plaza thingie is BADASS! Oh. My. Gawd. Their Coconut Mojito is to die for. It's probably the most delicious cocktail I've ever had... and mama loves her cocktails.

Anyway. Several Coconut Mojitos later, I stumbled into my seat for X-Men: First Class. The movie rocked my world and I went home thinking just how awesome January Jones plays a frigid bitch. Let's just be honest, I don't think she was acting.


I was a total geek for X-Men in High school and loved all the characters. I decided to take some of my awesome POUT colors out and create a Frosty and Fun look, inspired by the White Queen herself, Emma Frost.


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