Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You Bleached What?!

...My Mother screamed, as I explained why I had to bleach my already damaged hair. She's got a thing for my hair and I continuously f*$k it up :) It's not because I enjoy freaking my Mother out, it's simply because I'm fickle and can't stand to see my hair the same... Day after day after day... It's boring! Well, this last adventure in hair has truly taught me a thing or two.

About a month ago I decided out of sheer boredom that I wanted to lighten my hair. My boyfriend tends to just nod his head and go along with these outbursts of mine. So! We made our way to CVS and picked up an "At Home Lightening Kit." (Because "you, too" can do what a professional colorist does! Ugh.)

What a mistake. Besides the fact that I refuse to read or watch tutorials (ironic) and I have little to no patience with instructions, I plunged headfirst into lightening cream... literally.   No, I'm serious, I really did - Matthew is my witness. Two very LONG hours later I stepped out of the shower with ORANGE hair. Mm hm... lesson learned.

I quickly swallowed my pride and explained to the fantastic hair team over at The Parlour on 3rd that I had made a boo boo and needed some help. They worked their magic and I now have lovely blonde locks.

Um... it's like a freaking second job keeping up with blonde hair. Holy Smokes, Batman! I now have an entire routine that I must follow in order to care for my hair. Forget having babies, just bleach your hair. It's the same. Kinda.

Whitney's Hair Care routine for Bleached out babes:

1. Shampoo with a product specifically for blondes: I suggest John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Massage Moroccan Oil into damp hair EVERY day

3. Use a super duper conditioning hair masque ONCE a week

... It might seem like a lot of maintenance, but if you keep it up, you should see a huge difference in your hair's appearance and health.

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