Friday, May 13, 2011

Punk Rock Prom Queen

Prom Queen? Been there. Done that. Nobody wants the same old same old when it comes to Prom. Prom is the most magical and important event in a teenager's life! Prom is for "farewells" and "So longs..." Prom is the end of your teenage life and the beginning of your adult life. Make Prom the one moment in your life, where all the rules go out the window and you let go of the safety blanket. Express who you TRULY are to your friends and class mates.

If you're a wild and crazy gal just waiting to explode onto the Prom scene, what better way to express your wild side then with an awesome Punk Rock look?  Using a range of glittering shadows in taupe and cream I created a lovely base for the lids. Adding an intense black along the crease creates a sexy, smokey eyes. With some nude lips and flushing cheeks, you'll have every eye on you and your glamourous dress! Prom is for playing dress-up and having a blast doing so.

So have fun and remember, your senior prom only comes once.

P.S. I wanna see your awesome PROM looks. Email me your photos along with a description of your look if you'd like me to throw 'em up on the blog.  :D


The Whitty Pixie


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