Thursday, May 19, 2011

Johnny Are You Queer?

Please don't judge me. Seriously, like, don't judge me. Okeh? Okeh. One of my FAVORITE movies of all time is "Valley Girl". Nicholas Cage's greatest film. My friend Jeff is rolling his eyes right now, because his taste in film is SO much better than mine. Ugh.

Valley Girl is about a... Valley Girl (You know the type) who falls for this totally bitchen dude from Hollywood. Now, Mr. Hollywood is dark and mysterious, maybe a bit dirty, and like, has ZERO style. Gag me with a freaking spoon! All her friends TOTALLY hate him and urge her to continue with the insanely gorgeous and completely rad, Captain of the football team.

There's a lot of sex, the "F" word is thrown around a bit, and ton's of bitchen outfits! Anyway, she picks Mr. Hollywood. The end. The best thing about "Valley Girl" is the soundtrack! Awe yeah. I decided to do a fun look, based off Josie Cotton's look during the prom scene.

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